American Veterans
Disabled For Life Memorial

Our nation’s first permanent public tribute to disabled veterans past and present.


AH Partnership
Hero Dog Awards

Protecting society’s most vulnerable populations -- neglected and abused animals and
honoring the lives of America’s Hero Dogs; often ordinary dogs who do extraordinary things.


Debt of Honor
Disabled Veterans in American History

Debt of Honor examines the way in which the American government
and society as a whole have regarded disabled veterans throughout history.

The Official Website of Mrs. Lois Pope, The Lois Pope Life Foundation & LIFE

For more than two decades Lois Pope, the Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, Inc. and Leaders in Furthering Education have given LIFE to those who are disadvantaged, marginalized, or forgotten because of disabilities, socio-economic status, neglect, age, abuse, and other barriers. Mrs. Pope has been the driving force behind the Lois Pope LIFE Center at the University of Miami School of Medicine, The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial, a summer camp program serving thousands of underprivileged children and a groundbreaking new program with American Humane. Learn More

What’s on Lois’ Mind?
  • Pope launches new program to provide free eye care to children

    Longtime Manalapan resident and philanthropist Lois Pope is turning her sights to the vision of Palm Beach County’s children. Pope announced this past weekend that she is launching Lois’ Vision4Kids to provide free eye screenings and prescription glasses to children from schools and organizations in Palm Beach County....

  • Lois Pope

    Today, the name Pandora may be most closely associated with music. Once upon a time, the Greek myth told of Pandora’s Box. While she allows the hardships of humanity to escape the jar assembled by Zeus, Pandora manages to secure hope for the world. And so it is with Mrs. Lois Pope, giving more than hope to those affected by the hardships that life and liberty can bring. A lifetime dedicated to others, Mrs. Pope embodies what compassion looks like. But beyond the countless contributions lies the driving force of a genuine desire to change people’s lives for the better....

  • lois pope
    For children fleeing Ukraine, a generous embrace from halfway across the world

    Ukrainian families and children are crossing the border into neighboring countries to escape conflict. Manalapan philanthropist Lois Pope is like millions of other Americans — broken-hearted at the images of terrified Ukrainian children gripping the hands of their mothers as they flee into the freezing night....