24 Oct We Made History

Lois Pope and the Board of LIFE are proud to have achieved making every October 5th a National Day of Honor for the 4.2 Million living American Disabled Veterans and all those who have died....

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28 Apr VA: The Human Cost of War

ABC 7 News Los Angeles featured Lois Pope, who discussed the screening of her new documentary “VA: The Human Cost of War” and her efforts to address the veteran community’s lack of proper healthcare. She also discussed the personal story behind her advocacy for veterans....

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01 Apr For Harley: Let’s Shut Puppy Mills Now!

A true American hero died last week, and I - and, in fact, all of us - should be deeply saddened. For while Harley had but one eye, he saw, and experienced, atrocities that none of us could even conjure up with full sight. Harley was a...

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